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Portrait. Gianluca Tassi: disability is not an obstacle

Sunday, 22 March 2009 01:13

Gianluca TassiItalian Baja is running well, but we must pay a special attention to the efforts of one person. Please meet: Gianluca Tassi, Italy. Start number 35, R-Team. The man, who's competing in the race despite some physical disabilities.


Gianluca Tassi

He was a valid famous motorbiker of Endurance and Motorbike Rally, but in 2003 a minor accident caused him to lose the use of his legs. He did not however lose spirit: with great courage he started another adventure and he is now proud to show that disability is not an obstacle when undertaking the driving of off-road vehicles...

In 2007 his encounter with Renato Rickler, Ralliart team manager, opened new horizons, not only to become one of the instructors of the Mitsubishi Pilotare 4x4 school, but also to compete in a few races. His main objective is to show that often having a disability is only a psychological barrier, which can be defeated by force of spirit and determination. Tassi conveys a strong social message by entering in the official RalliArt Divisione Fuoristrada Italia team for the 2009 season, to run for the title of Tout Terrain Italian Championship.

Extract from the Organisers' press-release