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12:40 Italian Baja. Quotes after SS5.

Sunday, 22 March 2009 13:36

Баха ИталииAs it was expected, crews had to apply a different driving style before the penultimate special stage. Our sportsmen told us about this in the service park area following their return from the route...

Boris Gadasin: "On today's first special stage we were doing the same thing as yesterday - were testing the car and trying new suspension settings, and in addition worked on the moments of switching gears, as this new engine is very different to our previous one and we wanted to optimise its compatibility with transmission. The route today was quite damaged after the Saturday passages, and any active driving was gone, cause in every turn there were big ruts which made it impossible to oversteer into corners. So, the rally part of the route wasn't so interesting this time, but in the riverbed the surface became firmer and we could go faster. Overall, we're doing well and getting pleasure from the race".

Vladimir Demyanenko: "During the night everything that we experienced yesterday was sorted in my head. That's why some corners were like familiar for me. It was much easier to read the road book especially after we had improved it yesterday".

Well, there're final 80 kilometres to go. The final special stages starts at 11:50 local time (10:50 GMT). We wish our drivers success!

Unofficial results of SS5 -  it09_ss5_unoficial.pdf 56.09 Kb 22/03/2009, 13:07
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