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Baja Riga. Overview

Tuesday, 13 July 2010 19:17


The 26th of June saw the end of the final round of the Russian
Championship and Boris Gadasin was named champion for an incredible 8th time. After winning every Special Stage of the event, victory was easily assured and it was a triple celebration for Team G-Force as Viktor Volikov won the T2 class and became the Production champion of 
Russia and Team G-Force took the honours in the Manufacturers classification!


The town of Madona welcomed participants to the inaugural Latvian round with an unusual silence – as most of the citizens had left the town to celebrate a local festival in their countryside villages. But the sleepy silence was disturbed by growling of the rally raid beasts. 

The organizers promised that the routes would be muddy, but the
conditions of the first 
7 kilometer long Super Special still came as a shock. Some said that it was more like am off-road Trophy stage rather than a Rally-Raid one.

IMG_4200The running order for the first proper stage was based on the times of
the super special with was important as it was slippery, twisty but
also extremely narrow which made passing very hard. There was also a river crossing near the end which several crews thought was too deep to ford … so they turned back and drove up the stage looking for an easier place to cross … just as Boris 

Gadasin came flying over around a blind turn on his second lap. A crash was inevitable. The only thing Boris could do was steer away from the oncoming cars so the impact was taken on the side rather than being a head-on one. It was still a hard impact, but thankfully no one was hurt … but the worst thing was that
it was with his team mate …



The G-Force mechanics ‘pulled an all-nighter’ to restore Gadasin’s car
using parts donated from Bogdan Novitskyi’s who had already withdrawn after the crash. When all three of the championships were won the next day, it was definitely a victory for the whole team!


Boris Gadasin: on the second day I was really enjoying driving. The
2nd half of the Special Stage was all swerves in every direction -
just as the organizers promised in the pre-start press release. The
steering was fascinating!

Viktor Volikov: This is a very interesting event. Very positive

attitude of the Latvian spectators. However, the Special Stages are
slower than we used to but lots of off-road sections. This is even
more interesting. All the more so as a former off-roaders we are used
to that.

Boris Gadasin: We have fulfilled our task of winning the Russian
Championship in 
Latvia. Winning Spain Baja is our next goal! We are
looking forward to competing against our honorable rivals Roma
and Peterhansel in 

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