G-Force Motorsport

Baja Italia. Day two.

Sunday, 17 March 2013 01:01


Though the G-Force Motorsport crews revealed their real pace and potential, it is hard to say the day was good. The Stewards of the Meeting, who were not able to make a decision for several hours on the eve of the start, brought  jitters to all the team and did not let the crews to have a rest or simply sleep well before the race day, and knocked down the team’s working mood. Despite this, Boris Gadasin managed to win two SSs and Vladimir Vasilyev was 2nd at SS2.

But in the end of the day a brake disk splintered in a ford and damaged the steering rack bracer of Boris’ car, so it became too dangerous to continue the race. The crew decided not to take a risk, so they stopped to save the car and to return to the competition on Sunday.


As for Vladimir Vasilyev, the transmission linkage of his car broke, only the 3rd gear left, so Vladimir had no chance for any prize. That’s a pity, but he is not going to start tomorrow (on Sunday).

The good news is that the third one of G-Force Protos is still in the race: Bogdan Novitsky/Roman Polishchuk (Ukraine) are in top 5 after seven SSs.


Next the competitors will drive trough 4 more SSs, the same route as today but the other direction, and for two times only.

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Photo: Alexandr Lesnikov