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Golg of Kagan 2013: G-Force is on its way to Astrakhan

Monday, 15 April 2013 00:42

Золото Кагана 2013

Only two days left  before the start of the Cross Country Championship and Cup of Russia stage 2. After the first stage (baja «Russia – Northern Forest 2013») (baja Russia – Northern Forest ) that took place in Leningrad region, the first three in Absolute are Vladimir Vasilyev (30 points), Victor Volikov (21 points) and Sergey Naryshkin (16 points). G-Force Motorsport team supported with the premium motor oil brand G-Energy is pleased to see its crews in the first two lines.

In Astrakhan Vladimir Vasilyev and Victor Volikov will proceed with their contest for the top positions in Absolute, and Sergey Naryshkin will not participate in the race, so G-Force has a better chance to strengthen hand.

Фото: Лины Арнаутовой (Silk Way 2012)

In T2 Andrey Novikov is leading with 25 points. The second line in standard cars group is occupied by Alexey Yas’kov (18 points), the third is Mikhail Antsyferov (15 points).

In Production there is the same situation as in Absolute: the two leaders will participate in the race while we do not see Mikhail Antsyferov in the list of participants.

In National group Bogdan Vavrenyuk is leading (25 points), Evgeny Bataev with 18 points is the second and the third is Dmitry Cherkesov (15 points). The three leaders of the National will come to Astrakhan so tighter will be the fight for the positions in the Championship.

The entire classification as well as the calendar and Regulations for Russian cross country competitions are now available from RAF official site in Cross Country section.

Фото: Лины Арнаутовой (Silk Way 2012)
There are 53 crews in the entrants list. But not all of them will compete in the Russian Championship, for example our guests from Finland Jouni Matti Ampuja and Tapio Suominen, Andrey Cherednikov and Dmitry Filonets from Kazakhstan and two T4 crews from Belarus.


Фото: Александры Чудновской

G-Force Motorsport team is already on its way to Astrakhan. At the very beginning of the preparation for the race, Sergey Fomin’s two mechanics came to G-Force base to study the car that was new for them and were preparing it for the race together with G-Force mechanics who were working with Vladimir Vasilyev’s and Victor Volikov’s cars. Together with the team sport cars they started as a caravan from Saint Petersburg to Astrakhan to be there by the official test and training day provided by the race organizers. Sergey Fomin who will start on G-Force Proto for the first time, spent a couple of days learning the car on the team base, he also will test the car in Astrakhan before the race. 

The new G-Force Proto also could be seen on the tests before the stage 2 of the Russian Cross Country Championship, and in the race Boris Gadasin and Roman Briskindov will start as the “zero” crew.

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